Garden Canyon

On Friday, April 20, 2007 Ken, Linda, and Carl did an initial trip into Garden Canyon on Ft. Huachuca in the Huachuca Mountains.  We stopped at the group picnic area at the mouth of the canyon. An information kiosk here has information on the canyon and its history and bird life. We passed a few more picnic areas in the thickly wooded canyon along the next 1.2 miles to where the pavement ends. The road conditions were very good.  A pictograph site is 3.3 miles from the group picnic area, and we were able to drive to the old Boy Scout cabin.  The road ends here and there are several trail heads, including the Sawmill Canyon Trail, which we'll hike on our next visit.

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gc010.jpg gc015.jpg gc020.jpg gc030.jpg
Linda and Carl at the
first pictograph site
Ken was there, too!
Garden Canyon Creek
was flowing.  It was
very clear.
The pictographs are
under an overhang the
Indians probably lived in.
gc040.jpg gc050.jpg gc060.jpg gc070.jpg
It's hard to say what
some are.
Maybe some are modern.
Maybe a Teletubbie?
What / who are these?
gc080.jpg gc090.jpg gc100.jpg gc110.jpg
Linda and Carl at the
second pictograph site
These are mostly red and
The one on the left looks
like Gumby.
The Boy Scout cabin at the
end of the road
gc120.jpg gc130.jpg gc140.jpg gc150.jpg
It has two rooms. It
looks like it was built
in the 1960s.
The bunk room with six
suspended racks
The second, larger room
had a couple of tables.
The central fireplace