Coues Deer

Coues deer with snow

Arizona's other deer, the Coues, is a subspecies of the white-tailed deer. Coues deer are most common in Arizona's southeastern mountains, but range up to the edge of the Mogollon Rim and into the White Mountains.  The Coues deer is much smaller than most of its eastern cousins. Bucks stand just over 30 inches at the shoulder and rarely weigh over 100 pounds. Does average 65 pounds.
Click here for more information on Coues deer from the Arizona Game and Fish site.

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On Monday morning, January 22, 2007 after 1.5 inches of snow, four female Coues deer walked across our front drive looking for food.


Coues Deer on March 31, 2007

A herd of four Coues deer does were browsing in our front yard in the middle of the day at 12:40 PM.  They didn't seem to be afraid of us.  The three older ones looked like their coats were pretty scruffy.  One seemed to be limping a bit.

deer01.jpg deer02.jpg deer03.jpg deer04.jpg
deer05.jpg deer06.jpg deer07.jpg <== This Coues
deer buck showed
up in our front
yard on September
9, 2007.

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