Brown Canyon on May 20, 2007

Scott and Ellen came down for a visit on May 19 and 20.  We took them on a Brown Canyon hike on Sunday morning.  As usual, Ken's not in the pictures, 'cause he never gave the camera to Linda.  It was excellent hiking weather, but the canyon was drier than we've ever seen it.  The spring was only producing a drip at the horse trough at the wildnerness boundary, and the pond by the ranch house was pretty low.

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Scott, Ellen, and Linda at the trailhead
Nice and fresh 'cause they haven't started the hike
Linda and Ellen at the ore processing building ruins
Scott attempts to interrogate a stump.
Scott examining the old flathead 6 cylinder winch engine
Ellen by the winch engine
On the old generator it says, "Buick 26 Master 6."


Here's a picture with Ken in it that Ellen took.  Ken was really there!  Thanks, Ellen!
Scott, Linda & Ken

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