Brown Canyon on August 5, 2006

We decided to see how Brown Canyon looks during the monsoon season.  Because there was no caretaker on site, the gate on Calle Metate was locked.  So we parked at the trailhead on Ramsey Canyon Road and hiked in over the hill.

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01BarchasRanchHouse.jpg 02Mushrooms.jpg 03HoseBib02.jpg 04HoseBib01.jpg
The Barchas ranch house
from the hilltop. Every-
thing's green and the
pond is full.
Besides green grass,
the main monsoon
difference we noticed
were the mushrooms.
In Feb 2006 someone
removed two 20' sections
of the pipe from the spring
to the ranch house. This is
the repair.
The repair includes a
hose bib so illegals can
get water without breaking
the pipe.
05MohaveRattler02.jpg 06MohaveRattler01.jpg 07MohaveRattler03.jpg The Mohave rattler is the
most venomous and possibly
the most aggressive species
in the southwest.  Click here
for more information.
About 250' from the cave
this 3' Mohave rattlesnake
crossed our path.
He didn't see us.  He was
minding his own business
and crawled slowly away.
He has nine rattles. (I
counted from the picture.)
Note how he blends in.